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ihasawarlock's Journal

I HAS A WARLOCK - A Merlin Macro Community
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to I HAS A WARLOCK - a Merlin macro community, affiliated with merlinxarthur and came_a_lot!

It's my intent that this community not need much moderation. Just a few rules to make everything run smoothly:

1. LJ cuts are good. One image under 500x500 should be okay, but anything bigger than that, and multiple images, should go behind a cut.

2. I'm going on the assumption that most of us have seen all of series 1. However, a mention of which episode will be referenced under the cut will be appreciated.

3. Please make sure to note if there will be anything Not Safe For Work.

4. No flaming, bashing, character bashing, or general wankery.

That's it. Information about tags and resources to come soon.

Have fun!