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Friday, November 5th, 2010
6:07 pm
4:38 pm
[dramatic voice]On an LJ comm full of medium sized evil[/dramatic voice]
I'm splitting this into two posts, because I have 18 images, and I'm pretty sure they are all over 500X500, and I don't want to crash anyone's computer. And do I have to put a warning if I used swear words? Because I did.

'One boy has the power to talk anyone out of their pants. That boy is...'Collapse )
Monday, November 1st, 2010
1:00 am
It screamed to be done.
Images from 3x08. You have been warned. Outside of that, safe as fluffy bunnies.
Read more...Collapse )
Friday, October 8th, 2010
1:29 am
Fan Vid!
It's silly and cracky. This is my first fan video. It's to the tune of 'A Fairy Story' by the Sultry Sirens of Sin.

Follow the ugly link to my LJ! http://kurizumaru.livejournal.com/3315.html

Current Mood: accomplished
Friday, May 7th, 2010
3:17 pm
MSA Spring 2010 Nominations!

Nominate: Fanfiction | Fanvideos | Fanart | Misc Fanworks

Nominations Will Close: Wednesday, 26th May 2010
Voting Will Begin: Saturday, 29th May 2010
Voting Will End: Saturday, 26th June 2010
Winners Will Be Announced: Wednesday, 30th June 2010

Nominate your favourite macros now!

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010
3:13 am
This is the right place for my Merlin m-preg macro comic, yes? Yes! Yes.

Link goes directly to image.

Saturday, January 9th, 2010
5:02 am
Merlin's Macro Diary Part Twelve

Rated PG-13

contains mentions of slash, bondage, minor het.

Warning I have still been unable to see this particular episode, so it's probavly nowhere near as good as the previous posts.

The list of previous parts is getting too long, if you'd like to see them, ask in the comments and I'll post there.

Merlin's Macro DiaryCollapse )
Sunday, December 13th, 2009
12:44 pm
Wednesday, November 18th, 2009
11:39 pm
Title: My first Macro ever - Sort of a Coda to S02E08
Made by:givemethebook
Warnings/Spoilers: Screencaps from Merlin S02 E01 and E08

Here at my LJ
Monday, October 12th, 2009
6:09 pm
Lancelot and Guinevere Macro
Come on, I can't have been the only one to think this when they were watching it!

Spoilers for 2x04 - Lancelot and Guinevere

Macro linked at my journal
Saturday, October 10th, 2009
8:07 pm
Screencaps by Emma-Jane, part eleven and previous parts under the cut, rated pg-13

Merlin's Macro Diary Part 11Collapse )
Thursday, October 8th, 2009
11:24 pm
I made more macros, also the next installment of the Merlin Macro Diary will be up either today or tomorrow, until then enjoy the macros and the mini macro story at the bottom, one is NSFW, I'm putting this macro lot under an R rating, just to be safe.

Screencaps by Emma-jane

MacrosCollapse )
Thursday, August 27th, 2009
9:19 pm
One Macro picture, is a Merlin Lord of the Rings crossover picture of Aragorn, I'm so very sorry, I couldn't resist

MacroCollapse )
Monday, August 24th, 2009
9:17 pm
Macros, Implied slash, etc, etc. some of these may not be as funny as I thought, But I like them anyway.

Sorry, the episode ten diaries aren't working for me at the moment.

MacrosCollapse )
Tuesday, August 18th, 2009
4:37 pm
More Macros, some good, some bad, a mini story and pictures used more than once.....enjoy......or run for your life......whichever works.

Oh, and a well used Movie reference, you'll know it when you see it.

Has slash, sexual references, etc, etc

Screencaps by Emma-Jane

Macros....again....aren't you lot sick of me yet?Collapse )
Monday, August 17th, 2009
1:31 pm
Wednesday, August 12th, 2009
8:54 pm
Slash, Drug references, some het, yes, you heard right HET, and a not so funny recognition, what is it, Why it's Macros of course.

Caps By Emma-Jane

MacrosCollapse )
Tuesday, August 11th, 2009
2:25 pm
Sunday, August 9th, 2009
2:15 pm
This has probably been done before...
The first time I saw episode one I thought of this. Caption made with ROFLBot.

Craaack!Collapse )
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